December 2018

Magnolia Record Club Presents: WILD CHILd

Limited Edition Candy Floss Compilation Vinyl - Only Available To Club Members

This month’s ROTM is an exclusive Magnolia Record Club Compilation Vinyl pressed of songs by Austin, Texas band Wild Child. The compilation features songs from their studio albums Pillow Talk, Fools, and Expectations, and as well as several tracks never before released on vinyl. It is the perfect introduction to the fun, contemplative songwriting that Wild Child is known for, and a great taste of their talent.

Join by December 31st to get this record. Shipping between January 1-7.

The Band

A band for over seven years and comprised of what can be deemed a small orchestra, Austin, Texas group Wild Child has made a name for itself through its indie pop-tinged songs, powerful vocals, and catchy melodies. The band is fronted by lead songwriters Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins, and their friendly, playful onstage chemistry is infectious. Wild Child has three full-length studio albums under their belt, and are one of indie music’s hardest-working touring bands. They’re constantly on the road and performing for their wide and loyal fan base, and they’ve journeyed all around the world through their career so far.



Side A:

  1. Crazy Bird

  2. Break Bones (Duet)

  3. Best Lay

  4. Back & Forth

  5. Expectations

  6. Fools

Side B:

  1. Backwards

  2. 1996

  3. Bridges Burning

  4. Silly Things

  5. Meadows

  6. Sinking Ship (LIVE with The Wild Reeds)



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