Dr. Dog

Critical Equation

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APRIL 2018

Dr. Dog - Critical Equation

Limited Edition Orange Vinyl - Only Available To Club Members

"Amidst the streamlining of pop and rock radio, if you listen to critics, they will tell you that rock n' roll music is dying, and no cares about guitars, harmonies and bands anymore. Well, those critics are all boundaries of putting music to the human experience." 

- Curator, Drew Holcomb

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What the group really wants is fairly simple: to make music that they love with their friends, and to have fun doing it. Sometimes the simplest things can become more complicated than we ever imagined, but the band’s journey proves that they’re always worth fighting for. It’s a rare thing to be able to say in this life, but with ‘Critical Equation,’ Dr. Dog got exactly what they wanted and a whole lot more.
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"I think it's fun to get a new vinyl every month... sometimes it's an artist I've heard of, other times not, but the new artists I've discovered have become some of my favorites."

/  Robert, 2 year member  /