Meet December's Artist Discovery: LYDIA LUCE

Lydia Luce

Meet Lydia Luce. We discovered this very musically talented artist and couldn’t wait to share our discovery with you this month! Making her home now in Nashville, TN, the folk singer-songwriter finds inspiration in combining her accomplished formal education and session work as a studio musician with the personal and emotional content of family, love, and life experience.

We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions. Read on to see what she had to say!

Who or what influences your music?

Nature is definitely one of my biggest influences. I love writing nature into my songs in a way where it relates to a feeling. I discovered Mary Oliver far too late in life. I think someone let me borrow a book of her poetry about two years ago and she greatly influenced my writing. I feel like she emotes this peace in her writing of being in nature and alone with whatever emotion is present with her.

Who is the first artist you remember listening to?

I’d have to say it was either Peter, Paul, and Mary or Cat Stevens. My dad’s musical interests quickly became my favorites. In our house it was either Dad’s music or Mom’s music and my mom was a classical conductor and almost exclusively listened to orchestral music. So, if my brother and I wanted to listen to rock and roll or folk music, we hopped in Dad’s car. I actually occasionally get stomach aches listening to classical music in the car because I grew up being forced to listen to it in Mom’s car. I am a huge fan and am totally cool to listen to it in any other type of vehicle. And when I’m home I’ll be cranking that Elgar Cello concerto in E minor.

What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been very into the record S. Carey put out this year, Hundred Acres. I keep coming back to it - the string are stunning. I’ve listened to this a lot of times on solo nature excursions. I bought a kayak this year and started going out on the little islands in Percy Priest. I was on this one solo trip and listened to this record like three times through. He uses beautiful nature imagery in his writing and it’s incredible.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Big Sur might be my favorite place that' I’ve been thus far. I’ve got tons more traveling to do, but that spot is surreal. When I lived in LA I would take little weekend trips to Big Sur or Mammoth or Joshua Tree. It is crazy how much epic nature exists right outside that massive city. I’ve done this one hike in Big Sur twice that is 22 miles in and out to these hot springs called Sykes. At the time, they were very secluded and maybe you met a few hippies in the tubs. Now the trails are washed away, and I’m not sure where it stands after the fires. I hope California experiences some real healing because it is a special, beautiful state.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you on the road?

The van keys got dropped into a storm drain and we took the metal cover off the entrance to the sewer, I crawled down and grabbed the keys. It was exhilarating.

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