Meet August's Artist Discovery: The War and Treaty

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Meet the War and Treaty. This powerhouse duo, Michael and Tanya Trotter, serve up healing and pain robbing with free wheeling joy on their monumental new full-length album, "Healing Tide." 

We are big fans of this duo and we had the pleasure of asking both, Michael and Tanya a few questions!

Get to know the duo:

What was the first album you ever owned on vinyl?

Michael: What I'd Say by Ray Charles. My uncle was a collector of fine items and I remember him being mad that vinyl was seemingly out and the cd was seemingly in. He had all of these records just laying around collecting dust anyway, I don't think he even cared about the music as much as he cared about the potential sale. Judging by his next moves I knew he didn't have a sense of value because he had a yard sale, selling classics for less then $8. Appalled and sad because he was getting rid of some fine history I pulled out my wallet and to my chagrin I had $10, just enough to buy one of my favorite artist of all time. Ray Charles, What I'd Say. 

Tanya: Growing up, my brother was my favorite singer, so any singer that he loved - I loved. I remember the day that I shared with him I wanted to be a singer. He told me if you wanted to become a singer, I needed to listen to a lady named Whitney Houston. One day he came home from his after school job with a bag in his hand. In that bag was a vinyl record of Whitney Houston's 1987 release that he bought for me. 

I remember how mesmerized I was by the cover. The cover was orange, she had a string of pearls around her neck and her hair was slicked back. I was hooked from her beauty alone. I immediately ran downstairs to put the record on my parents vinyl record player and from the first note from the first song off the album, my life was forever changed. I still remember the song. It was "You Give Good Love." I had never heard a voice like that. 


What is the best live show you've ever seen? 

Michael: Michael Buble at Madison Square but not in person. Tanya and I have this app on our television called Quello Concerts and as I was scrolling I saw the mad man himself in a concert documentary detailing his route to Madison Square Garden. It was very interesting how Buble took this massive arena and made it feel like we were in his living room. Pure genius.

Tanya: Columbia, MD 1992 Whitney Houston came to my home state. I'm 19 years old sitting on the lawn with my former manager and his kids and this woman comes on stage with this incredible band. She blows me away. Hands down the best show I have ever seen. She have 100% on that stage.  That moment made me go home and work harder at becoming a better vocalist and entertainer. 


What are some things you have to have with you on the road? 

Michael: Nothing. I got it all with Tanya and Legend.

Tanya: I don't function well without my family being on the road with me. It's very stressful when I can't wake up to my son, Legend's smiling face. Not having him around makes me a little unbalanced. I'm a Libra so when things in my inner circle are not the same everyday my scales get unbalanced. My husband is like the morning sun. He greets me with a hug and kiss every morning and it really helps me start my day. On the superficial side of things, I have to have my red lipstick and a pair of lashes. It's the Pin Up Woman in me. 


Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met?

Michael: My wife Tanya.

Tanya: I don't know anyone who works as hard as my husband does. He went to war twice in Iraqi. He manages to work through his PTSD on a daily basis. He writes 6 songs a day and wakes up and goes to sleep with music in his ears and yet finds the time to call is Mom and siblings every morning, watches a movie with our son and still makes time to cuddle up with me at night while we watch movies in bed or make love. No particular oder. Michael is my hero.


Where is your favorite place in the world?

Michael: Home in my recliner watching Bonanza or country westerns drinking a fine beverage.

Tanya: In my bed at home reading my favorite book or vintage shopping online with 10 pillows surrounding me.


What have you been listening to lately? 

Michael: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong's "Again." As a war veteran with PTSD, I found out that classic jazz such as Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughn, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc. soothes more than pills or any medicine we can conjure up or concoct. So I self medicate with Lady Ella Fitzgerald and Mister Louis.

Tanya: A little bit of everything. Ella Fitzgerald, Loretta Lynn, Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Celia Cruz, Big Mama Thornton. My mother was from Panama and my Pops is from New Bern, NC. I'm Hispanic and Country by default but I grew up in the DMV (Washington, D.C.) so I'm kind of musically everywhere.


What is the craziest thing that has happened to you on the road? 

Michael: Singing on stage with The Indigo Girls, Emily asked me to learn the third verse to their hit song "Close To Fine" and I thought I had it. I think we were in Ocean City in New Jersey when I took the stage and sang. At first note the crowd went nuts but by the midd of the verse I was lost, my moment shattered by future glimpses of a strong reality that I could lose my mind LOL!

Tanya: Losing 5 cellphones within 6 months time frame. I need to invent something really cool for forgetful folks like me to wear around their necks. Never to lose a cellphone again. The neck pouch thing doesn't work for me. 

Ally Lindell