5 Tips For Cleaning Vinyl Records

Keeping your records conditioned requires consistent cleaning before and after use, even if your record is brand new. There are many different ways to clean records. This blog highlights safeaffordable, and easy ways to clean vinyl records.

1. EVERYDAY CLEANING. In addition to deep cleaning your records with a wet solution, use a carbon fiber brush to gently clean records before and after each use. If you are deep cleaning your record, you should also remove dust appropriately before washing your record.

2. CLEANING SOLUTION. When your vinyl needs a deeper clean, grab a cleaning solution of your choice. How often you need to deep clean a record usually depends on how often it is used. If a record is noticeably dirty, or does not produce a pure sound, it's probably time for a good clean. You may choose to invest in a cleaning solution as cheap as $2, as costly as $20, or purchase a vacuum, which works wonderfully to safely clean your records. However, the most affordable and easy way to safely clean your record is by using a gentle dish soap.

3. WATER. For optimal results, use de-ionized and distilled warm water to clean records after you have appropriately removed dust and debris from the surface of the record. Warm temperatures are not best for your records, but it is necessary for dissolving the soap. Carefully choose a water temperature just warm enough to dissolve the soap.

4. CLOTH. It's important that you have a soft, lint-free cloth ready to wipe your record with as you clean them. Avoid using an old t-shirt or bath towel.  

5. DRYING. Two simple options for drying your record: either use your lint-free cloth to dry the record, or place your record on the cloth and carefully lean it up against a wall to air dry.

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Ally Lindell