Stephen Kellogg - South, West, North, East

JUNE 2016

Magnolia Record Club’s Record of the Month in June 2016 was Stephen Kellogg’s ninth solo release, “south, west, north, east”, which was released in the early 2016. It was the first album he had released since 2013. The album was recorded in four corners of the USA and each side of the 180g double vinyl is its own musical journey.

Stephen Kellogg, born on November 28th, 1976, is now a solo artist, but the former leader of the band Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. The band, formed in 2003, released a total of seven albums together, before going on hiatus in 2012.

The vinyl came along with a download card as well as a personalized note from our curator, Drew Holcomb.


I have always loved Stephen Kellogg. He has been making great records for a lot of years. In the last few years he has become my friend. We met on the Rock Boat 4 or 5 years ago and I learned that he is an earnest, thoughtful, literate, and a good hearted man. We share a lot of pathos, the desire to work hard at creating something meaningful and beautiful, without losing our humanity in the process. A few year ago over coffee he told me about his ambitious new album project and here it is; South, West, North, East.

The album is in 4 parts, each one recorded in a different part of America, with the writing and the production corresponding to that part of the world. His words on the dust jacket will go into the details of production, creation, and writing. This is an artist at his best, exploring, learning, and challenging themselves.

south, west, north, east has been on pretty constant rotation for me this year. There is more honesty on this record than any other I have heard in a long time. Songs about family, friendship, children, disappointment, growing older, cultural disenchantment, staking your claim, and finding your way. Each EP takes you on a different ride. The  west one is sparse and has lots of room to marinate. The north one feels urban and urgent. My favorite tracks are "Wallpaper Angel", "Those Kids", "Only Takes a Second", and "Last Man Standing".

I hope you enjoy this beautiful record as much as I have.

- Drew


1. High Horse
2. The Wild Heart
3. The Open Heart
4. Best of Me
5. Rich Man
6. We Say Goodbye
7. Almost Woke You Up
8. Those Kids
9. Wallpaper Angel
10. Mother and Child

11. Greta Girl
12. Wolf
13. Learn to Live
14. Only Takes a Second
15. Always Gonna Want You
16. Galaxy
17. Barricade
18. H-O-M-E
19. 26 Seconds (of silence)
20. Last Man Standing

Drew Holcomb