Penny & Sparrow - Wendigo

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Magnolia Record Club’s Record of the Month for August 2017 was Wendigo from Penny & Sparrow, a duo formed at the University of Texas Austin in Austin, TX, in 2011. It is the band’s fifth full-length album and was officially released in September 2017. The vinyl sleeve is designed by Steven Bedingfield and features a painting by Rachel Walter.

The vinyl was printed on an exclusive white vinyl and came with a poster-like print photo of Kyle Jahnke and Andy Baxter. On the other side of the photo were the lyrics for all their songs on the album.


Penny & Sparrow are without question one of my favorite musical discoveries in the last few years. You met them in the early part of this Record Club journey with their last record, Let A Lover Drown You. This new record is another home run, full of lush harmonies and thoughtful songwriting that transports me to a different world, like great literature. Andy and Kyle continue to release music that forces comparison to all the great duos of great folk inspired popular music: Simon and Garfunkel, The Civil Wars, The Swell Season and many others. 
They started this album as a handful of demos in their own living rooms. Loving the way it sounded, they kept those recordings and finished the album back in their home state of Texas. To me, Penny and Sparrow embody everything I want the Magnolia Record Club to be about. When they opened our second Ryman show in May, with only a guitar and two voices, they absolutely slayed the room, getting a rousing and deliberate standing ovation in the South’s most historic and famous stage. People usually find Penny & Sparrow through their friends, not through popular radio or glossy magazines. They are the ones you find and feel like you have stubbled upon Valhalla; making music from the heart, with the vocal tools pop stars only dream of. 


1. Wendigo
2. Double Heart
3. There’s A Lot Of Us In Here
4. Salome & Saint Procula
5. Part One Visiting
6. Part Two Smitten
7. Kin

8. A Kind of Hunger
9. Well You Know It Ends Well
10. Javert
11. Part Three Moniker
12. Rivertown
13. Let Me Be Crucial
14. The Carmike

Drew Holcomb