Patty Griffin - Servant of Love

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February 2016

Our Record of The Month for February 2016 was a double vinyl of Patty Griffin’s acclaimed album, Servant of Love. The album was originally released independently, in conjunction with Thirty Tigers, on September 25th, 2015.

Patty Griffin, a Grammy-winning singer from Old Town, ME, has released a total of nine studio albums, Servant of Love is her latest record. The vinyl cover features an illustration by Mishka Westell. 

By Patty's request, a portion of all the sales from this album went to The League of Women Voters of the USA, a non-partisan organization dedicated to voter registration.

Note from Drew

I went to college in the fall of 2000. This was still when the only way to listen to the music you loved was to drive to a record store or a Best Buy and buy the CD. All that changed during that freshman year of college when Napster launched and everyone was downloading music on their desktop computers, (usually a Dell or an HP). I still believe in the culture and identity of owning physical records, (hence why I started this Club!) I loved the discovery aspect of finding music online. One of the first artists I heard on Napster was Patty Griffin. A friend told me about a song called “Mary” and I was hooked. Two years in high school my taste in music started to shift from Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin towards David Gray and Bob Dylan. Patty Griffin was another step in this direction. 
Five years later, for our first date, I took Ellie to a Patty Griffin show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, which has become my musical mecca over the years. Patty’s music is both sorrowful and full of swagger, sadness and blues mixed with raw ecstasy. She continues to write, record, and release music that takes listeners on a tumultuous journey of human emotions. This is certainly true of her most recent album, Servant of Love. She can sing of love in “Made of the Sun”
“When the world was only you and your warm arms
I’d look for you, you were the favourite one
Your yesterdays poured into my tomorrows
And the songs you sang were made of the sun”
Then write about it’s destruction in “You Never Asked Me”
“It was an exercise in catastrophe
It was a dance of destruction
It was the daze of futility
It was the flight of fragile wings”
Patty is one of my favorite songwriters of all time, and we are honored to have her album as a part of our Club. We hope you enjoy her. 
*By Patty’s request, a portion all the sales from this album are going to the League of Women Voters, a non partisan organization dedicated to voter registration. 

- Drew


1. Servant of Love
2. Gunpowder
3. Good and Gone
4. Hurt a Little While
5. 250,000 Miles
6. Made of the Sun

7. Everything's Changed
8. Rider of Days
9. There Isn't One Way
10. Noble Ground
11. Snake Charmer
12. You Never Asked Me
13. Shine a Different Way

Drew Holcomb