Neal Carpenter - Good Guys


JULY 2017

Our Record of the Month for July 2017 was an exclusive and signed pressing of Neal Carpenter's album Good Guys, which was only available only through Magnolia Record Club. The album was originally released on October 1st in 2014. The translucent red vinyl came signed along with a personalized note from our founder and curator, Drew Holcomb.

We also did an interview with Neal Carpenter, who resides in Nashville, TN, which you can read by clicking here.

Note from Drew

Neal Carpenter's Good Guys has never been released on Vinyl until now. We partnered with Neal to make it happen. Good Guys was my most listened to album in 2016. It's a road trip jam. Tom Petty meets the Eagles meets David Gray. Sometimes records from totally under-the-radar artists are a whole lot better than albums from established artists who get all the press and buzz. This is a perfect example of that. Great songs, a fantastic voice. One of the most underrated records recorded in Nashville in the last few years.
I hope you spin it as often as I do.


  1. Line In The Sand
  2. Lonely Is A Hell Of A Drug
  3. Good Guys
  4. Borrowed Things
  5. Everybody Wants To Find Their Heart
  6. Somebody’s Gonna Look At You
  7. Dance
  8. Heart of Stone
  9. The Old You
  10. Perfect Time feat Jerry Douglas
Drew Holcomb