Lori McKenna - The Bird and The Rifle

January 2017

Our January 2017 Record of the Month was the Massachusetts native Lori McKenna’s Grammy nominated album The Bird & The Rifle, which featured two Grammy nominated songs as well! The album was officially released in July 2016 and it is her eighth studio album.

The title of the album, "The Bird & The Rifle", comes from a Modern Family episode named Haley's 21st Birthday. In this episode two of the characters briefly debate getting matching bird and rifle tattoos. McKenna was ironing and had the episode playing in the background when her idea originated.

The album, produced by Dave Cobb, was recorded live, which is a signature method of his.

The lovely transparent blue vinyl came with a personalized note from our curator, Drew Holcomb. It read as follows:


There are a lot of songwriters in the world, and it is dang near impossible to find the diamonds hidden in the sand. Lori McKenna has a pretty unconventional story. She had been a songwriter in the Boston area -- unknown and hardly noticed until well into her 30’s -- when Faith Hill recorded one of her songs. A mother of 5, and still a Massachusetts resident, she has stayed faithful to her incredible capacity to take the mundane and transcendent parts of life and weave them into moving universal narratives. This is her new record, nominated for THREE Grammy’s this year: Best Americana Album, Best American Roots Song for “Wreck You,” and Best Country Song for Tim McGraw’s cover of “Humble and Kind” from this album. 

I had the great fortune of having Lori McKenna as a special guest for the VIP party at Moon River this year and we did a Bluebird Cafe -style in the round show with her, myself and Sean McConnell. The room was blown away by her, and so was I. This album is everything I love about music. Recorded live with Dave Cobb -- the lauded producer behind recent classic albums by Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Chris Stapleton-- The Bird and the Rifle is like a good friend in your passenger, having fun but also telling you the truth about your life and their own, and that’s why the friendship works. 

We are incredibly honored to present this Grammy-nominated (I bet she wins one or two of those...stay tuned) album by this tremendous songwriter!




  1. We Were Cool

  2. Old Men, Young Women

  3. All These Things

  4. Always Want You

  5. If Whiskey Were A Woman

  6. Wreck You

  7. The Bird and The Rifle

  8. Giving Up on Your Hometown

  9. Halfway Home

  10. Humble and Kind

Drew Holcomb