Dave Barnes - Carry On, San Vicente

November 2016

Our Record of the Month for November 2016 was the ninth album from the South Carolina native Dave Barnes, named Carry On, San Vicente. Barnes tells that his record was influenced by Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Browne, which is very evident on this gem of a record.

“She’s The One I Love,” the opening cut, paints within that said musical scheme rather effectively from the opening kick-off. It makes you want to switch the time machine back to 1975, and take a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Damn, it qualifies as sonic ecstasy. Other highlights on the album include the title track, which is reminiscent of “New Kid In Town,” as well as the emotional depth and straight-ahead lyrics of “Need Your Love.” The acapella opening of “Glow Like The Moon” will also stir some memories, as well.

All along the way, the songwriting of Barnes takes center stage. When you hear a track like “Sunset Santa Fe” or “Nothing Like You,” you realize that as good as other artists make his compositions sound, there’s nothing like the real thing….and Dave Barnes is the real thing. Hopefully, this album will open more eyes to that unique talent!"

Sounds Like Nashville

The album was officially released in March 2016. The vinyl was autographed by Dave Barnes himself and came with a personalized note from our curator, Drew Holcomb:

Note from Drew

Dave Barnes is one of a kind. He's one of the most gifted and prolific songwriters I have ever met, with as much a gift for comedy and stories as a gift for writing songs from the heart. He has had his songs covered by arena act that have hit #1 on the radio charts while also being one of those rare artists who has never compromised his art in the process.
The first "real" tour Ellie and I ever went on was a tour in 2008 opening for Dave Barnes. Before that, we had been languishing in coffee shops, noisy bars, and empty college cafeterias, playing our songs to whatever small crowd would pay attention to us. This tour with Dave was our first experience with packed out clubs full of enthusiastic fans. Our music translated really well to Dave's people. It was the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship.
Dave loves the art of songwriting, and just as much, he loves the art of record making. For this album, Carry On, San Vincente, Dave hired his favorite group of friends and musicians and gathered them for a few weeks with his dear friend and longtime collaborator, producer Ed Cash. These songs on this record were inspired by the great country rock of the 70's; The Eagles, Jackson Browne, CSN&Y, and the rest of the Lauren Canyon era. Live recording, lots of harmonies, double guitars, big sweeping love songs. In my opinion, it is the most underrated album of Dave's celebrated career.
- Drew


  1. 1. She's The One I Love
  2. Carry On, San Vicente
  3. Wildflower
  4. Glow Like the Moon
  5. Sunset, Santa Fe
  6. Honey, I'm Coming Home
  7. Nothing Like You
  8. Need Your Love
  9. Wildfire Heart
Drew Holcomb