The Lone Bellow: "The Restless" Review


The Lone Bellow can fill a room to bursting with their powerful sound. They’ve made a name for themselves showcasing their strong vocals and dense three-part harmonies, and their energetic live performances give them qualities of a rock band. But on their new EP ‘The Restless,’ things get more intimate than much of their previous work. Inspired by a well-loved section of their live show where the trio surrounds one microphone and performs a few songs acoustically, the performances on ’The Restless’ seem like the trio is one voice, moving seamlessly through the melody and wrapping their voices around each other’s like they were born doing it.


The EP features re-worked versions of a track from each of their three studio albums, two new songs, and two covers. The EP’s title track and new song “The Restless” is tender and weaving with the feel of a wide open space, and mandolin player Kanene’s vocals are front and center on new piano-led track “Power Over Me.” The re-workings of their studio tracks stand out from the originals, and the trio shows their versatility in re-interpreting their own work. The band also takes a stab at a cover of Adele’s “Water Under The Bridge,” and their harmony-laden interpretation of the distinctly pop tune makes it a great departure from the original. Overall, this EP has bright, brassy moments and tender, delicate moments, each as unique and powerful as the last. 

The band has taken their one-microphone acoustic show on the road and dubbed it the TRIIIO tour, where they are sure to captivate and charm audiences with their intimate and powerful performances. Check out all the dates at

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Ally Lindell