This MOnth's Discovery: SAm Lewis

While the album was racking in incredible reviews, Lewis’ booking agency was simultaneously being bought out — leaving him with a solid album, but no tour dates to show for it. Feeling defeated and out of opinions, Lewis applied to work at a Post Office in East Nashville. By the time he got a call for a second interview, someone else had called with a more enticing offer: the opening spot for the Traveler release show, Chris Stapleton’s Grammy­ Winning album. From there, life moved fast. Lewis toured with Stapleton for the remainder of summer 2015, and by January 2016, found himself playing sold-out 2 and 3 ­night shows at venues like The Tabernacle and Nashville’s gem, the Ryman Auditorium.

"Loversity" is a powerful return from his three­ year studio hiatus. Last October, Billboard announced the album and premiered the video for the first single, “One and The Same”; since then, Lewis has also released, “Natural Disaster”, “Great Ideas”, and “The Only One”. The album landed Lewis a spot on Rolling Stone’s “10 New Artists to Watch” list, with writer Marissa Moss describing the album as, “ ... seventies psychedelic soul, with a storyteller's eye, a swampy Southern groove and an emotional, political punch. ”

While each song on Loversity has a distinct sound, they all circle back to one universal theme. “This is the closest thing I’ll ever write to a concept album. The idea is that we are all trying to get somewhere ­­ all running from something and toward something. We’re all together in it, though.” As current events in the world divide the masses based on difference, Sam Lewis’ new album is a soul­ filled, catchy collection of reminders that diversity and unity can co­exist.

‘Loversity,’ was self produced and released on his own label, Loversity Records. Not only do you get a double LP, but, while you're listening to the record, you can play the clever board game designed within the center of the album jacket. The game takes you through many experiences you encounter when making a record. Pick what studio band member you want to be, roll the dice and enjoy.

We had the opportunity to ask Sam a few questions! Get to know Sam more with our latest blog post here.

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