Penny and Sparrow



We couldn't be more excited to feature Penny and Sparrow's highly-anticipated upcoming release of Wendigo, pressed EXCLUSIVELY in white wax via Magnolia Record Club. Subscribe by August 15th to get your hands on it! 

Wendigo, set to release September 1st, is the fourth studio album from the singer-songwriter duo Penny and Sparrow. Their previous release, Let A Lover Drown You, was well received by Magnolia Record Club subscribers in March of 2016 so we jumped at the opportunity to offer an exclusive pressing of their upcoming record.

Through Wendigo, the Texas-born group hunt for what's really there in the dark. With a musical maturity that has been honed over half a decade and hundreds of live shows, Kyle Jahnke and Andy Baxter are presenting their most sonically diverse & ambitious album yet.

Rejoined by Chris Jacobie (producer and engineer of their albums Creature, Tenboom, Struggle Pretty & Christmas Songs) Penny & Sparrow delve into numerous new and eclectic soundscapes throughout Wendigo, without sacrificing the sharp and deep reaching honesty that's accompanied their body of work thus far.

Listening to Wendigo is hearing the true to life soundtrack for the Baxter and Jahnke families. The footsteps, the wood creaking, and the din of supper prep heard throughout as the songs were recorded in their shared home and reinforce the sense of integrity that has long been a staple of the band.

The creature with which this album shares its name is a shape shifter. One moment it looks completely normal and the next it's all fangs and gore. In an instant, it can slip its skin and go back and forth from ominous and ugly to hope and lovely. Life can be like that. Hell, all of us can be like that. Knowing this, Penny and sparrow offer Wendigo as the flashlight you can arm yourself with. Use it to see what's worth fearing and what was actually beautiful all along. Shine it into whatever patch of darkness scares you. For better or worse, at least you'll know what's there.

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