1. How are the records chosen each month?

Magnolia Record Club is the only vinyl subscription service whose monthly selections are from real musicians. No bots, bloggers or former dj’s, just artists. Drew Holcomb is the primary curator, and we occasionally invite other high-caliber artists to share their picks with us.


2. What if don’t like the record?

No problem! We offer a Collection-Proof Guarantee, which means that if the record we send you doesn’t fit in your collection, we will send you another option or allow you to skip a month of service - you just pay for return shipping.


3. I don’t have a turntable and stuff. Aren’t vinyl record set-ups really expensive? 

No worries! We've got you covered, and it won't break the bank. To get set-up, check out the gear on our store page.


4. Can I just get these ALBUMS at other stores?

Actually, many of our featured records are exclusive editions—meaning you can’t get them anywhere else. Plus, shopping around for records is often very time consuming and more expensive. Having a subscription is like having a built-in reminder to slow down and treat yourself to enjoying your music.


5. What if I need to cancel my subscription—is that a hassle?

Not at all! You can cancel your subscription anytime. We also allow you to pause your subscription so you can easily restart if you want.



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