It's important to treat your record player with a little TLC every so often. Here are a few tips to ensure your record player never stops spinning your favorite vinyl.

1. A Clean & Sharp Stylus is Key

To clean the needle of a record player, use a very soft brush (preferably a carbon fiver stylus brush) and a small amount of cleaning fluid to remove any dust or dirt buildup. 

Always brush from back to front to avoid damaging the needle. 

When the needle starts to dull it may begin to miss-track, lose audio detail, and even distort the track. Using a magnifying glass, you can check to see if the needle is dulled and needs replacing. If used regularly, the stylus should be cleaned every three of four weeks.

2. Optimal Listening Environment

For the best audio quality, your turntable needs to be in the best environment. Don't let your record player sit in direct sunlight. Avoid exposure to heat, moisture, and dirt. It should be placed on a flat surface with special care to reduce sonic vibrations to reach the turn table.

3. Keep It Clean

Make sure that your records have been cleaned recently and that they are stored in a vertical position to avoid a buildup of dust or dirt. And always handle your records by touching the edge or the labeled surface. It is best to avoid touching the grooved surface to ensure that oils and dust aren't pressed into the grooves.

Happy listening!