Having trouble figuring out what to get your vinyl-loving dad for Father's Day? Fear not! We've compiled a list of some top-notch gifts for your audiophather!

1. Magnolia Record Club Gift Subscription

Give the gift of a great taste in music! This one is for the Dad who is always on the lookout for new artists and fresh sounds. For just $25 a month, a brand new vinyl will arrive on his doorstep - sure to make him smile each month. LEARN MORE

2. Audio-Technica Turntable

Looking to splurge for the professional setup Dad deserves? Upgrade his listening space with an Audio-Technica Professional Turntable and he'll be spinning like a pro. LEARN MORE


3. Kanto Bluetooth Speakers 

What use is great music without top notch speakers to listen with? Step up Dad's vinyl game this Father's Day with Bluetooth technology that can easily be connected to any vintage or modern day turntable. Experience the crisp highs and wonderfully balanced mid-range vinyl is capable of. LEARN MORE 


4. Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones

Tired of the 80's Rock that Dad has been blaring through the house for as long as you can remember? Pass the subtle hint this year with these sleek and comfy noise canceling headphones. You're in the clear and Dad's happy all year! LEARN MORE


5. Amazon Echo

Bring Dad into 2017 with the device that quite literally does it all. With the Amazon Echo, dad can call, send messages, and play his tunes with just his voice. If that's not enough, it also can answer questions, read the news, report on traffic and weather, read audiobooks, provide sports scores and schedules, and so much more. A gift that is sure to WOW him this year! LEARN MORE


6. Vinyl Record Disk Coaster Set

Perfect for the living room AND the listening room - these fun and decorative coasters are perfect for the vinyl-loving, don't-leave-a-watermark-on-the-coffee-table father out there. LEARN MORE


7. Record Wall Clock

Keep those feet tappin' without the clock tickin'! This black vinyl CD wall clock is perfect for the music loving Dad. Complete with a non-ticking, quiet and smooth sweeping second hand, this clock ensures a good sleep, work, and music environment. LEARN MORE


8. Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Record Brush

On a budget this year? No worries! This inexpensive accessory is essential for the vinyl loving Dad who wants to take care of his prized possessions. A proven design that uses a million+ carbon fiber bristles to remove dirt and dust, this brush will keep that vinyl sounding like new. LEARN MORE


9. Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

For all the college kids out there looking out for the perfect Father's Day gift, here are some more great vinyl accessories that won't break the bank! This bundle includes a microfiber pad, dust and dirt removing fluid, and a convenient storage box. Help Dad keep his vinyl looking and sounding great with easy and safe to use cleaning combo. LEARN MORE


10. Crosley Record Storage Crate

Tired of seeing Dad's vinyl taking over the house and garage? Help him get organized this year with these stylish and handy Crosley crates. Holding approximately 75 albums, these crates are perfect for storing and decorating a beautiful listening space. LEARN MORE