It has been really satisfying to me to watch the rise and domination of Chris Stapleton over the last few years. 2 Grammy's, 4 CAM Awards, Americana Artist of the Year, and the songwriter du jour. He has a one-in-a-generation voice and while most people consider him country, his music really crosses many genres: Rock, Soul, Country, Folk, and Blues. He's a purveyor and miner of emotion, the hard knocks and tough breaks of life. I also love watching him do all of that with his wife Morgan by his side onstage with a voice as good as his. I consider him a kindered spirit.

This is his follow up record to Traveller, and I am thrilled to have it as a part of Magnolia Record Club. It doesn't dissapoint. His voice can carry nearly any song, but he does takes on classic country, southern rock, and folky heartbreak songs. It was recorded live in the historic RCA studio in Nashville, writting another chapter between those historic four walls. My personal favorite is Stapleton's cover of the Willie Nelson song, "Last Thing I Needed, First thing This Morning" following his tradition of reviving classic songs, just like he with George Jones' "Tennessee Whiskey." I hope you enjoy this genre bendinf artist at the peak of his powers.