Wilco is my favorite band. I love other artists better than them, but as a band, in my lifetime, I think they are without equal. Part Americana, part experimental rock orchestra, they are a group of ridiculous musicians centered around the songwriting genius of Jeff Tweedy. This is their tenth album, Schmilco, and sending out this record to the Magnolia Record Club is a dream come true. Their albums tend toward one of two directions, the weird rock n roll albums like Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, or the subdued Americana of Sky Blue Sky and Being There. I have seen them live probably 5 or 6 times and they never disappoint.

Schmilco finds them in probably the most subdued state of their career. Wistful melancholy melodies about growing up; without ever veering into complete nostalgia. Songs of beauty and ache, wonderfully choreographed on the production side of things. To me, this is a record you play all the way through, on a mellow day with partly cloudy skies, hopeful but somber. This record is intimate and honest. The best kind of record. I hope you enjoy Wilco as much as I do. Go see a show. You will thank me later.