In 2013, a good photographer friend of ours, Jamie Clayton, told me he wanted to give me an album by a new band. Jamie shot the Good Light album cover and has been a friend for years. But, honestly, being in the music business, people are giving me albums and EPs by new bands almost on a daily basis, and it's incredibly hard to keep up with them and give them all a listen. But Jamie was very tenacious. He brought the album to our house and made us listen to it in his presence before he left. Less than 30 seconds in, Ellie and I were both visibly moved by the music.

Penny and Sparrow is made of two of the finest gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of associating with, Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke. They met in Austin while students at UT. Andy is the mustachioed, barrel chested and golden voiced lead singer. Kyle is the long haired, quiet one, whose subtle and emotional guitar playing and harmonies will rip your heart out. 

This new album of theirs, Let A Lover Drown You, is them in the fullness of their vision. They teamed up with John Paul White from The Civil Wars and Ben Tanner of the Alabama Shakes to create a masterpiece of emotion, loverly ties and breaks, and a full range exploration of the highs and lows of human relationships. It’s downright beautiful. 

These guys have toured with us twice now in the last few years, and no one can capture a room full of people with less going on onstage than these two. 1 guitar, 2 voices. Music at its purest and scariest.