This has been a great year for me and the band. Sold Out show at The Ryman. Playing on Jimmy Kimmel. Red Rocks, The Greek Theatre. Double Header at The Bijou Theatre. But honestly, the best thing is how much people have let this album in. It has sold way more than any other album we’ve every made. We continue to hear stories about the songs and what they mean to people. It’s the artists dream. 

We recorded this album in 9 days. That is fast. We didn't mean to do it fast, it just happened that way. We recorded one song at a time, completely, start to finish, without going back and adding a bunch of ear candy. Just us playing the songs. A few words about some of my favorite songs....

Shine Like Lightning - This is a love letter from the band to our fans. Those of you who have been with us for 1 day or 3000 days, who continue to believe in what we do, regardless of what the radio people and the critics say. 

Here We Go - I wrote this one after we played Bonnaroo. We had just seen Paul McCartney play and were sitting in lawn chairs outside our bus drinking red wine under the dark summer sky, playing music and records for each other. Records that we loved that we wanted each other to know about. “Music, makes you feel good, makes you feel understood,” came out of those sacred hours. 

Avalanche - One of the most fun songs to record. It's melancholy but its' really groovy. The kind of groovy where you want to be with the one you love in an intimate place, alone. At least that is what I hope it feels like!

- Drew