It is not often in life where you get watch something incredible happen right before your very eyes. The first time I met the fellas from Colony House, their band was called Caleb and they were opening a few shows on our Good Light tour in 2013. They were pretty good, but also green and young. But they had that wonderfully ambitious look in their eyes that told me to pay attention. 

When I Was Younger came out the next summer, 2014, and it is a tremendous record from top to bottom. My hunch about their ambition was right on target. My personal favorites are “Moving Forward,” “Waiting for My Time to Come,” and “2:20”. There are touches of Coldplay, Led Zeppelin and all the great epic rock 'n' roll bands without ever coming off as derivative. The music is hopeful and ernest without being naive. It is eager and full of youthful vigor. 

We spent the entirety of last summer on tour with Colony House on the “Tour de Compadres” along with Needtobreathe, Switchfoot, and Ben Rector. There is probably not a band we have shared more green rooms with in our history. Night after night, we hung out with these guys and fell in love with their music and with them as men and friends. They are the salt of the earth. Stylistically, we are pretty different. Them with their oversize t-shirts and skinny jeans, and us with our Stetsons and suits. Their boisterous arena sized rock 'n' roll show, and us with our mellow folk vibes. In other ways, we come from the same pathos and ethos. Make good music that makes people feel alive. Colony House does this as good as anyone making music today. Keep your eyes on these guys, they are going to the moon and back. 

- Drew