5 Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Records

5 Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Records

Keeping your records conditioned requires consistent cleaning before and after use, even if your record is brand new. There are many different ways to clean records. This blog highlights safeaffordable, and easy ways to clean vinyl records.

1. EVERYDAY CLEANING. In addition to deep cleaning your records with a wet solution, use a carbon fiber brush to gently clean records before and after each use. If you are deep cleaning your record, you should also remove dust appropriately before washing your record.

2. CLEANING SOLUTION. When your vinyl needs a deeper clean, grab a cleaning solution of your choice. How often you need to deep clean a record usually depends on how often it is used. If a record is noticeably dirty, or does not produce a pure sound, it's probably time for a good clean. You may choose to invest in a cleaning solution as cheap as $2, as costly as $20, or purchase a vacuum, which works wonderfully to safely clean your records. However, the most affordable and easy way to safely clean your record is by using a gentle dish soap.

3. WATER. For optimal results, use de-ionized and distilled warm water to clean records after you have appropriately removed dust and debris from the surface of the record. Warm temperatures are not best for your records, but it is necessary for dissolving the soap. Carefully choose a water temperature just warm enough to dissolve the soap.

4. CLOTH. It's important that you have a soft, lint-free cloth ready to wipe your record with as you clean them. Avoid using an old t-shirt or bath towel.  

5. DRYING. Two simple options for drying your record: either use your lint-free cloth to dry the record, or place your record on the cloth and carefully lean it up against a wall to air dry.

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Why Vinyl?

Why Vinyl?

"Why should I start a vinyl collection?"

We hear this question regularly. What are the pros and cons of collecting vinyl records? Is it worth the investment? Does it really sound that much better than digital music? Here's what we have to say about it.

In a world where streaming is the dominant form of listening to music, free downloads are not hard to come by, and CDs have become nearly laughable to some, vinyl enthusiasts can still be found all over the world. These are what we've found to be the top reasons why this form of recorded music is still respected. 

Analog vs. Digital Audio

To the untrained ear, one might not realize that there is a difference in sound between analog (record players) and digital (CD's, MP3's, radio) systems. But, technically speaking, there is a major difference - and here's why: analog signals are continuous while digital signals are not. The groove of vinyl records are like drawings of the continuous signals, which will be decoded by the turntable. Digital signals are broken down into smaller pieces of information, but to our ears the sound we hear from our speakers remains continuous. Digital audio takes samples of the original audio at a specified rate, while analog audio takes the original sound waves and replicates them exactly. Technology still fails to create digital audio that perfectly replicates the original audio as analog audio is able to do. This means that analog audio produces a much more pure, raw, and original sound than digital audio.

Aesthetic Appeal

For some of us, a major draw to building a vinyl collection is purely the warm, inviting aesthetics that a turntable setup effortlessly offers. Visually, a record player and collection of vinyl records is a neat addition to any room. Auditorily, record players warm a room with their unique sound, as mentioned before. A fellow vinyl-enthusiast says it just right,

"They're the best way to make purchasing music feel like something. Vinyl allows you to have a sentimentality about albums - there's a tactile quality, a ritual to pulling a record out of a sleeve and putting it on and focusing your attention on the act of listening for a side at a time."

Vinyl Community 

Just like community naturally establishes itself around other hobbies or interests such as golfing or painting, vinyl collectors tend to find each other. The beautiful thing about this community is that it's not exclusive. You don't have to have a certain size collection or a certain type of record player to make the cut. My friends and I began our collections in college. We held listening parties in our crowded dorm rooms to take a break from late night studying. There are all shapes and sizes of vinyl lovers. Some, the broke college student kind, others the young professionals, the established middle aged, or the retired. Aside from the fact that community forms around mutual interests, a unique reason that there's a community around this form of music listening is purely because it's not the norm. Collecting and investing in vinyl music is something special to connect and bond over. 

Worth the Investment?

Vinyl sales have been on the rise, not just in the past two years, but for over 15 years. (So, no vinyl is not "just a trend") Vinyl retains most of its value when taken proper care of, making it all the more worth the investment. If one day you decide that your collection is not of value to you, someone else will likely find value in it.

If you got excited while reading the above paragraphs, vinyl will without a doubt be worth your resources. There are still plenty of other reasons to choose vinyl if none of these struck you today. We hope that you make the move if you have decided that you want to join our music-loving community. Check out our Store for recommended products, and don't forget to Subscribe for our monthly vinyl packages!

Magnolia Record Club presents: Judah & the Lion


judah and the lion.jpg

Our January Record of the Month for January 2018 was "Magnolia Record Club presents: Judah & the Lion", which features a variety of Judah & the Lion's songs from over the years.

All the songs on this exclusive, limited edition record pressed in clear wax vinyl, were chosen by Judah & the Lion themselves.

As always, our subscribers received a note from our founder and curator Drew Holcomb, which read as follows:



There is nothing like watching your friends go from a local opening band to one of the hottest musical acts in the business. My first time meeting Judah and the Lion was when they opened our show at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville in 2013. They were massively energetic and making music in the same family as the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons… Banjo, Kick Drum, and lots of fun. Then, they opened our 2014 Spring Tour and had the crowd in a frenzy every night. They have made a lot of music in their short tenure as a band, and their development is hard to miss. They made a sharp left turn with their 2016 LP, Folk Hop N Roll, adding hip-hop elements to their folky anthems. It has proven to be a tremendously successful artistic move. 

In the last few years, they have played nearly every late night TV show, opened the arena tour for Twenty One Pilots, sold out large venues all over the country and played to tens of thousands at festivals in multiple continents; all while still taking creative chances, and even more importantly still being really great guys. 

This collection of songs was put together by Judah and his bandmates Brian and Nate, and it has songs from every album. Many of these songs have never been printed on vinyl. This is a milestone record for Magnolia Record Club, as it was curated by the artist themselves, a collection of songs that show who they are in every era. We hope you enjoy it! 

- Drew 



Side B

  1. Only To Be With You
  2. Going To Mars
  3. Sweet Tennessee
  4. Rich Kids
  5. Conversations

Side A

  1. Take It All Back (String Quartet Op. 9 n C Major)
  2. Stockholm
  3. Back's Against The Wall
  4. Mason-Dixon Line
  5. Kickin' Da Leaves

Magnolia Mixtape: Volume II

Magnolia Mixtape: Volume II



Our December 2017 Record of the Month was the "Magnolia Mixtape: Volume II". This exclusive, limited edition record was pressed onto a white vinyl. It features a variety of songs from different artists, chosen by our founder and curator Drew Holcomb.

As always, our subscribers got a personalized note from Drew along with the vinyl, read the note below:


I am thrilled to bring you our 2nd Annual Magnolia Mixtape. We get to hear so much great music all year and there are only so many months to feature full albums, so its fun to make a year end mixtape of music I have discovered this year. I hope you will enjoy these tunes as much as I have. Here are a few words about each song and artist. 

  1. Devon Gilfillian - "Here and Now” Devon toured with us this fall and he’s an incredible new artist. Hints of Al Green and Otis Redding, but Devon is his own man for sure. 

  2. Amy Stroup - “Magic”. Amy is a friend in Nashville who has had songs all over TV and Film for a long time. This is a song showing her more playful and soulful side. Reminds me of a modern day Motown vibe. 

  3. Wilder - "Same Way” Big emotional arena rock n roll. Hints of U2, Coldplay. Big guitars, drums, wall of sound. 

  4. Judah and the Lion - "Suit and Jacket" Our dear friends and newly minted big stars. Proud of these guys and all they have accomplished in the last few years. This is their new single. 

  5. Andrew Belle - "Down" Chicago singer/songwriter who has made 3 fantastic records. His new one is more electronic, moody like Bon Iver and James Blake. 

  6. Hovvdy - "Pretend" Met these guys through some mutual friends. Laid back Austin Texas casual. Garage mellow rock. Love this track. 

  7. The Secret Sisters - "You Don't Own Me Anymore" Indie darlings who have toured with Willie Nelson, Jason Isbell and others. The legendary Brandi Carlile produced this record. 

  8. Steve Moakler - "Hearts Don't Break That Way" Steve just came off his unique backyards and campgrounds tour, and he is one of the most honest and hardworking singer/songwriters I have ever met. 

  9. Birdtalker - "Heavy" A fan recommended this band to me over Twitter. Melodic acoustic indie rock a la The Head and the Heart.  

  10. Humming House - "Make It Through" Humming House are tour mates and good friends who put out a new album that's big departure from their folky porch vibes. Big Indie Rock. 

  11. Will Hoge - "Little Bit of Rust" Will is one of my favorite songwriter friends. Part Mellancamp, Part Woody Guthrie. Tried and true.

Happy Holidays,



1. Devon Gilfillian - Here and Now
2. Amy Stroup - Magic
3. Wilder - Same Way
4. Judah & the Lion - Suit and Jacket
5. Andrew Belle - Down
6. Hovvdy - Pretend

7. The Secret Sisters - You Don't Own Me Anymore
8. Steve Moakler - Hearts Don't Break That Way
9. Birdtalker - Heavy
10. Humming House - Make It Through
11. Will Hoge - Little Bit of Rust


Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors - The Neighborliest Christmas

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors - The Neighborliest Christmas

neighborliestchristmas vinyl.jpg


Magnolia Record Club's Record of the Month for November 2017 was Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors' first ever Christmas album, "The Neighborliest Christmas". It features a variety of our founder and curator Drew and his wife Ellie Holcomb's favorite Christmas songs. This limited edition Magnolia Record Club exclusive record was pressed on a festive green vinyl, a perfect fit for the Holidays.

The album had never been released on vinyl before its Magnolia Record Club premiere. The album artwork was done by Lightning Horse Industries.

This vinyl came with a personalized note from Ellie Holcomb.

Note from Drew

Most of my Christmas memories are tied to music. Whether it's the Christmas music that floats through every shopping mall and over the waves of the radio, the hymns and carols we would often gather to sing with family and friends the week before Christmas, the same record that my mom and dad would cue moments before me and my four siblings ran down the stairs to see what Santa had brought us, or the many years of recording and performing Christmas music with my dearest friend and husband, Drew Holcomb. I can't really recall many moments around Christmas that are not anchored in a song. I think that is what makes my heart beat fast as I introduce "The Neighborliest Christmas" to you. 

We've released a few Christmas records over the years with my husband's incredible band, The Neighbors. We've had the privilege of recording many of the Christmas songs that we've held dear over the years, and we've been able to write and record our own Christmas songs as well. We've always tracked them live, so when you listen to these songs they feel like they captured a moment in time. They are warm and familiar, just like most of our Christmas memories. 

"The Neighborliest Christmas" is a compilation record of our favorite Christmas songs that we've recorded over the years. We also decided to record "The Christmas Song" this year as a special addition to this beautiful collection. These songs are so closely tied to one of my favorite seasons and so many wonderful memories. Cheers to being cozy this Christmas as you listen to the heart and hearth-warming songs on this record!

Much Love and Merry Christmas.

Ellie Holcomb & Family



Side B

  1. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  2. Silver Bells
  3. Merry Christmas, Baby'
  4. White Christmas
  5. Everything's Changed at Christmas But You

Side A

  1. The Christmas Song
  2. Christmas For You and Me
  3. Blue Christmas
  4. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Lee Ann Womack - The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone

Lee Ann Womack - The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone

October 2017


Magnolia Record Club had the honor of featuring Lee Ann Womack’s The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone, as our October 2017 Record of the Month. The vinyl was printed on a gorgeous, exclusive smoke-grey vinyl. The vinyl sleeve, designed by Rob Carmichael, includes photography by Ebru Yildiz.

The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone was officially released on October 27th, 2017. The album includes two covers, "Take the Devil Out of Me" by George Jones and "Long Black Veil" by Lefty Frizzell. 

Lee Ann Womack is a Grammy-winning, Texan-born country music singer-songwriter and has released a total of nine studio albums and two compilations. She now resides in Nashville, TN. When speaking about her latest record, she said:

"I wanted to get out of Nashville, and tap the deep music and vibe of East Texas. I wanted to make sure this record had a lot of soul in it, because real country music has soul. I wanted to remind people of that."

- Lee Ann Womack

Here is what our curator and founder, Drew Holcomb, had to say about this record:

Note from Drew

I have never been a huge fan of popular country music. Like a lot of people, I like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, but before I moved to Nashville I didn’t listen to much country music. After living here for over a decade however, I have learned that there are a lot of people making great music and the diversity inside “country” music is vast. One of my favorite things that seems to happen, going all the way back to Willie Nelson, is when a popular artist loses their radio dominance, they start making the music they really want to make. Lee Ann Womack’s "The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone” is a perfect example of this. 

We get to hear a lot of records early because of the record club, and I had no idea what to expect when I heard this record. Nate Dugger, our guitar player, had told me about this new music because he performs with Lee Ann sometimes. I was literally blown away by "The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone" from the first notes. One of the tightest, livest, most soulful performances I have ever heard. In my opinion, she is definitely making the most authentic music of her career. This album is also produced by her husband, the legendary Frank Liddell, and it is one of my favorite sounding records I have heard in a while. It sounds like a band playing great songs sung by a ridiculously good singer. 

"The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone" will completely surprise you. Womack finds her torch-singing, soulful self on this genre-bending album. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. 



8. Mama Lost Her Smile
9. Wicked
10. Long Black Veil
11. Someone Else's Heartache
12. Sunday
13. Talking Behind Your Back
14. Take the Devil Out of Me

1. All the Trouble
2. The Gone
3. He Called Me Baby
4, Hollywood
5. End of the End of the World
6. Bottom of the Barrel
7. Rainy Day Song


The Lone Bellow - Walk Into A Storm

The Lone Bellow - Walk Into A Storm



Magnolia Record Club’s Record of the Month in September was The Lone Bellow’s Walk Into A Storm, which is the band’s third studio album and was officially released in September 2017.

The Lone Bellow are a trio from Brooklyn, NY, consisting of Zach Williams (lead vocals, guitar), Kanene Donehey Pipkin (mandolin, bass, vocals), and Brian Elmquist (guitar, vocals).

The vinyl sleeve, designed by Go de Jong, features photos from Ryan Booth. The vinyl comes with a lyric insert featuring photos of the band taken by Eric Ryan Anderson.

Walk Into A Storm was recorded at the historic RCA Studio A in Nashville, TN.

Note from Drew

A few years ago, I got invited to a late-night house concert at my friend, Matt Wertz’, house. It was a band from Brooklyn, The Lone Bellow, and they played a 30 minute set in his living room for about forty people. Their debut album came out later that year and quickly got into regular rotation for me. The album was produced by Nashville’s Charlie Peacock and it was full great songs and earnest energy. Their second record was produced by Aaron Dessner of the National and had one of my favorite songs of 2015, "Then Came the Morning”. 
Brian, Zach, and Kanene become friends of mine and Ellie’s, especially after a late night hang on a cruise ship dancing to Taylor Swift. That's a long story, but I can tell you they are fun people. They also moved to Nashville about a year ago.
We are thrilled to feature their eagerly anticipated new album this month. Walk Into a Storm is a big folk-pop sonic gem from the powerhouse trio. I don’t think there is another band making great melodramatic music from the heart like they are. The album is big, bold and full of heart and I am sure you will love it. 



1. Deeper In The Water
2. Is It Ever Gonna Be Easy
3. May You Be Well
4. Come Break My Heart Again
5. Feather

6. Walk Into A Storm
7. Time’s Always Leaving
8. Can’t Be Happy For Long
9. Between The Lines
10. Long Way To Go


Penny & Sparrow - Wendigo

Penny & Sparrow - Wendigo



Magnolia Record Club’s Record of the Month for August 2017 was Wendigo from Penny & Sparrow, a duo formed at the University of Texas Austin in Austin, TX, in 2011. It is the band’s fifth full-length album and was officially released in September 2017. The vinyl sleeve is designed by Steven Bedingfield and features a painting by Rachel Walter.

The vinyl was printed on an exclusive white vinyl and came with a poster-like print photo of Kyle Jahnke and Andy Baxter. On the other side of the photo were the lyrics for all their songs on the album.

The vinyl came with a personalized note from our founder and curator, Drew Holcomb:


Penny & Sparrow are without question one of my favorite musical discoveries in the last few years. You met them in the early part of this Record Club journey with their last record, Let A Lover Drown You. This new record is another home run, full of lush harmonies and thoughtful songwriting that transports me to a different world, like great literature. Andy and Kyle continue to release music that forces comparison to all the great duos of great folk inspired popular music: Simon and Garfunkel, The Civil Wars, The Swell Season and many others. 
They started this album as a handful of demos in their own living rooms. Loving the way it sounded, they kept those recordings and finished the album back in their home state of Texas. To me, Penny and Sparrow embody everything I want the Magnolia Record Club to be about. When they opened our second Ryman show in May, with only a guitar and two voices, they absolutely slayed the room, getting a rousing and deliberate standing ovation in the South’s most historic and famous stage. People usually find Penny & Sparrow through their friends, not through popular radio or glossy magazines. They are the ones you find and feel like you have stubbled upon Valhalla; making music from the heart, with the vocal tools pop stars only dream of. 



1. Wendigo
2. Double Heart
3. There’s A Lot Of Us In Here
4. Salome & Saint Procula
5. Part One Visiting
6. Part Two Smitten
7. Kin

8. A Kind of Hunger
9. Well You Know It Ends Well
10. Javert
11. Part Three Moniker
12. Rivertown
13. Let Me Be Crucial
14. The Carmike


Vinyl Skipping? Don't Panic, Here are a Few Tips!

Vinyl Skipping? Don't Panic, Here are a Few Tips!

If you notice your vinyl is skipping, there are a few different things that could be going wrong. The issue could be your individual records or it could be coming from your record player. Here are some tips for stopping those annoying skips!

How to Maintain a Vinyl Record Player

How to Maintain a Vinyl Record Player

It's important to treat your record player with a little TLC every so often. Here are a few tips to ensure your record player never stops spinning your favorite vinyl.

1. A Clean & Sharp Stylus is Key

To clean the needle of a record player, use a very soft brush (preferably a carbon fiver stylus brush) and a small amount of cleaning fluid to remove any dust or dirt buildup. 

Always brush from back to front to avoid damaging the needle. 

When the needle starts to dull it may begin to miss-track, lose audio detail, and even distort the track. Using a magnifying glass, you can check to see if the needle is dulled and needs replacing. If used regularly, the stylus should be cleaned every three of four weeks.

2. Optimal Listening Environment

For the best audio quality, your turntable needs to be in the best environment. Don't let your record player sit in direct sunlight. Avoid exposure to heat, moisture, and dirt. It should be placed on a flat surface with special care to reduce sonic vibrations to reach the turn table.

3. Keep It Clean

Make sure that your records have been cleaned recently and that they are stored in a vertical position to avoid a buildup of dust or dirt. And always handle your records by touching the edge or the labeled surface. It is best to avoid touching the grooved surface to ensure that oils and dust aren't pressed into the grooves.

Happy listening! 

Why We Prefer the Vinyl Sound

Why We Prefer the Vinyl Sound

It just sounds better, ya know?

When you first drop that needle to spin a new, crisp album, do you ever feel the need to close your eyes and smile and just say, “Mmmmm”.  

An Interview With Neal Carpenter

An Interview With Neal Carpenter

Neal Carpenter, the artist behind our upcoming record of the month Good Guys, has a unique perspective on the music industry in his role as a songwriter. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Carpenter to discuss all things music. Check out the full interview below, and be sure to subscribe by July 15th to get your hands on this signed, EXCLUSIVE pressing of Good Guys

Neal Carpenter - Good Guys

Neal Carpenter - Good Guys

Neal Carpenter's Good Guys has never been released on Vinyl until now. We partnered with Neal to make it happen.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound

JUNE 2017


We had the honor of featuring “The Nashville Sound” from Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit for our June 2017 Record of the Month. It is the sixth studio album by Jason Isbell, credited with the 400 Unit and was officially released in June 2017. The album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 and earned Jason Isbell his first CMA nomination (Album of The Year) at the 2017 Ceremony.

Jason Isbell is an Alabama native singer-songwriter and guitarist, but resides in Nashville, TN, with his wife and daughter. He released his first album with the 400 Unit in 2009 and they have been making music together ever since.

The vinyl came with a personalized note from our founder and curator, Drew Holcomb:

Note from Drew

Jason Isbell's The Nashville Sound is probably the most anticipated Americana record of 2017 and we are thrilled to bring it to the Magnolia Record Club. Isbell is the South's answer to Bruce Springsteen, with characters that each deserve their own novel, hard luck, down but not yet out, while still creating universal narratives that connect with a larger audience. He also knows how to be a quiet folkie on one song like "Last of My Kind" and full on southern rocker on the next, "Cumberland Gap".
Like Jackson Browne, Springsteen, John Prine, and so many of the greats, he also does a great job of dealing with the political climate through narrative and melody instead of beating people over the head with it. "White Man's Wold" and "Hope the High Road" both go all the way to the valleys of human darkness without killing the dream. "It's not too late", he's singing. "We're all carrying one big burden, sharing one fate."
The name of the album says a lot about Isbell's place in musical landscape. "The Nashville Sound" is in many ways a re-orienting of the way Nashville music sounds. Simple production, a real band, not fireworks or walls of sound like contemporary country. He is literally claiming a new sound for Nashville, one that I obviously align with personally. I think you will see a bunch of Grammy's in his hands come next February.



1. Last of My Kind

2. Cumberland Gap

3. Tupelo

4. White Man's World

5. If We Were Vampires

6. Anxiety

7. Molotov

8. Chaos and Clothes

9. Hope the High Road

10. Something to Love


Chris Stapleton - From A Room: Volume 1

Chris Stapleton - From A Room: Volume 1

MAY 2017

chrisstapletonfromaroom vinyl.jpg

Our Record of the Month for May 2017 was Chris Stapleton’s second studio album, From A Room: Volume 1, which was recorded by Vance Powell at Historic Studio A in Nashville, TN. The vinyl sleeve, designed by Mary Hooper from Milkglass Creative, features an illustrated picture of Chris Stapleton, which was made by Rachel Urquhart. The original photo of Chris Stapleton was taken by Becky Fluke. The record was officially released in May 2017 and it debuted at number one on the Canadian Albums Chart and number two on the Billboard 200.

Our subscribers received a personalized note from our curator and founder, Drew Holcomb, along with the vinyl.

Note from Drew

It has been really satisfying to me to watch the rise and domination of Chris Stapleton over the last few years. 2 Grammy's, 4 CAM Awards, Americana Artist of the Year, and the songwriter du jour. He has a one-in-a-generation voice and while most people consider him country, his music really crosses many genres: Rock, Soul, Country, Folk, and Blues. He's a purveyor and miner of emotion, the hard knocks and tough breaks of life. I also love watching him do all of that with his wife Morgan by his side onstage with a voice as good as his. I consider him a kindered spirit.
This is his follow up record to Traveller, and I am thrilled to have it as a part of Magnolia Record Club. It doesn't dissapoint. His voice can carry nearly any song, but he does takes on classic country, southern rock, and folky heartbreak songs. It was recorded live in the historic RCA studio in Nashville, writting another chapter between those historic four walls. My personal favorite is Stapleton's cover of the Willie Nelson song, "Last Thing I Needed, First thing This Morning" following his tradition of reviving classic songs, just like he with George Jones' "Tennessee Whiskey." I hope you enjoy this genre bendinf artist at the peak of his powers. 



Side A

  • Broken Halos
  • Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning
  • Second One To Know
  • Up To No Good Livin’
  • Either Way

Side B

  • I Was Wrong
  • Without Your Love
  • Them Stems
  • Death Row

RECORD STORE DAY: 10 Records We're Looking Forward To

RECORD STORE DAY: 10 Records We're Looking Forward To

The 10th Annual Record Store Day is just TWO days away! We're getting excited and wanted to let you know what records we're most looking forward to, so here you go:


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Welcome to 1979

Prince - Sign O the Times

John Paul White and Donnie Fritts - John Paul White Sings Donnie Fritts, Donnie Fritts Sings John Paul White

The Head and the Heart - Stinson Beach Sessions

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

Bruce Springsteen - Hammersmith Odeon London '75

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Live at Carnegie Hall

The Lumineers - Song Seeds

Iron and Wine - Archive Series Volume No. 3

Paul McCartney - Cassette Demos


Wilco - Schmilco

Wilco - Schmilco

APRIL 2017


For our April 2017 Record of the Month we featured Schmilco from the Chicago-based band Wilco. It is their tenth studio album and mostly acoustic, but that doesn’t mean it’s a tame one. The album was first released in September 2016.

The album name "Schmilco" is a nod to the Harry Nilsson album “Nilsson Schmilsson”. The album artwork was made by a famous illustrator Joan Cornellà in collaboration with Stefania Lusini. The record consists of stories of lead singer Jeff Tweedy, his family, and his history, told by himself.

The subscribers got a personalized note from our curator, Drew Holcomb, along with the vinyl:


Wilco is my favorite band. I love other artists better than them, but as a band, in my lifetime, I think they are without equal. Part Americana, part experimental rock orchestra, they are a group of ridiculous musicians centered around the songwriting genius of Jeff Tweedy. This is their tenth album, Schmilco, and sending out this record to the Magnolia Record Club is a dream come true. Their albums tend toward one of two directions, the weird rock n roll albums like Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, or the subdued Americana of Sky Blue Sky and Being There. I have seen them live probably 5 or 6 times and they never disappoint.
Schmilco finds them in probably the most subdued state of their career. Wistful melancholy melodies about growing up; without ever veering into complete nostalgia. Songs of beauty and ache, wonderfully choreographed on the production side of things. To me, this is a record you play all the way through, on a mellow day with partly cloudy skies, hopeful but somber. This record is intimate and honest. The best kind of record. I hope you enjoy Wilco as much as I do. Go see a show. You will thank me later.



7. Happiness
8. Quarters
9. Locator
10. Shrug and Destroy
11. We Aren't the World (Safety Girl)
12. Just Say Goodbye"

1. Normal American Kids
2. If I Ever Was a Child
3. Cry All Day
4. Common Sense
5. Nope
6. Someone to Lose


Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors - Souvenir

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors - Souvenir

MARCH 2017

DHTN souvenir.jpg

The Record of The Month for March 2017 was Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’ twelfth and latest studio album, Souvenir. The vinyl was an exclusive blue-marble pressing, only available to Magnolia Record Club subscribers! The subscribers received an autographed vinyl, signed by the band themselves.

“Souvenir”, which was officially released on March 24th, 2017, was recorded at Middletree Studio in Nashville, TN in November 2016. The artwork for the record was done by Rachel Briggs.

Like all our vinyl, this one also came with a personalized note from our curator and founder, Drew Holcomb.


I find it much easier to write about other artist’s records than my own, but I could not be more proud to present Souvenir to you. This album has been an incredible journey for me. For the first time ever, I started writing songs with my bandmates, Nathan and Rich, and they renewed a creative spark in me that had been dampened by the ruthless touring schedule of the Medicine album and having two little kids at home. We started meeting weekly and writing together, sharing thoughts, life, music, stories, and laughter. Many of the songs on this album came out of those times - “The Morning Song”, “Fight for Love”, “Postcard Memories” and others. They also each have a song they wrote alone on the album - “Sometimes” by Rich, and “Yellow Rose of Sante Fe” by Nathan. 
Through the trust, friendship and camaraderie we built over 10 years making music together, they learned my voice, my phrasing, and I have been pushed musically by them since we began this journey. I also wrote a number of songs alone that reflect the state of my own heart and perspective, “Wild World”, “New Year” and 2 or 3 others that are part of my continuous search to make sense of the joy and tragedy that we all experience throughout the course of our lives. 
It continues to be an overwhelming honor to have people who let these songs into their lives. People who carry their own stories, their own laughter and sadness, and let our music be a part of the soundtrack. I am beyond proud of Souvenir and I hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much we enjoyed making it.
Much love,



Side B
Mama’s Sunshine, Daddy’s Rain
Black and Blue
Postcard Memories
Yellow Rose of Santa Fe
Wild World

Side A
The Morning Song
Fight For Love
Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing
New Year


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Turntable Shoppers Guide

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